Jeff Russell

2009 Shasta Race

Jeff Wins Shasta


The season got started off with Shasta raceway for O/F Racing this year.

The first race of the season was at Madera April 4th. Our motor wasn't ready to make the first race.

Congrats to Jim Birges on his win in Madera.

Jim Birges broke his back and his ankle the day after the win, in a Moto-X race.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to him for a speedy recovery.

The car count for Shasta was pretty low, but the racing was awesome.

Brian Warf turned in quick time, and Jeff and Troy were right behind him.

There was a .022 difference between them.

The trophy dash was won by Kenny White.

We loosen the car up with new rubber in practice, and bolted the old tires on for the

Trophy dash to save our good tires for the race. Jeff and Troy came out of turn 4, and were side by side.

Jeff gassed her up to drag race Troy, and lite the tires up, walking it towards the wall. Jeff just pulled in after that.

The car was too far off to be safe. We bolted the new rubber on for the Heat Race and the car was good again.

The Heat race was won by Kenny White with Jeff as a close second.

Kenny did a Great job in Jim Birges car.

It appears Jim has found the sweet spot on the 89 car.

Jeff started on the outside of Kenny White in the Main Event. It appeared Kenny's car was pushing on the starts putting Jeff high in the 2nd groove.

There really wasn't a second groove, but Jeff made the best of it. Kenny and Jeff battled it out for 18 laps.

Kenny had had some trouble earlier in th day with the engine catching fire when he shut it off.

He had to change out two sets of wires out on the car before the main.

During the main it was obvious Kenny was loosing fuel out the back of the fuel tank.

A lot of fuel.

Then to top it off it was bottoming out in turn 3 throwing sparks.

Not a good combination.

The black flag came out, and Kenny pulled in the pits.

Just as it got off the track, it burst into flames. It looked a little scary for a few minutes there.

The race resumed with Jeff in the lead.

Troy and AJ Russell were battling it out for second place.

AJ got around Troy and made a good run on Jeff. Jeff was able to pull away coming out by a couple of car lengths, but AJ closed at the ends.

Once Jeff new he was back there, he stepped up the pace.

Something happen to AJ's motor and it just shut down.

They had been working all afternoon replacing a broken rearend.

AJ thinks they may have not gotten the fuel set right.

The race once again started and Troy and Brian battled to the finish with Jeff in a comfortable lead.

Special thanks to Tommy Reitz for building us an awesome motor.

I don't think this will be Jeff's last win of the season.

The next race is in Madera on the 9th of May.

Meridian is having a two day show for us May 23rd, & 24th.

This should be a great weekend of racing. We hope to see you there.

The 2009 schedule is now up.

If you would like to watch the main here


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