Bonnie Cornell



Update: Sunday, April 3 @ 8:15 pm

Jeff seems to be getting more assured in his actions and more responsive to questions. It seems that the tasks he performs are getting smoother. I certainly notice this with his eating. Speaking of eating . . . Jeff has gained 9 lbs!!! Pam and Mom were able to take Jeff outside on Friday, as it was 70 degrees in Boise. He seemed to really enjoy that. I was with him on Saturday and he got a bit trapped in his wheelchair, as three nurses were trying to "help" him. He got frustrated and said "Jeeeez" just exactly like I used to hear his say to me from time to time. This is a good thing because his speaking words are not that frequent. I am so hopeful that Jeff knows everything that is going on around him, but he just needs more time to put it all together. We really enjoy reading your great get well notes. Thanks so much for checking in on Jeff.



Update Thursday, March 31 @ 6:00 am

 Jeff is doing well - having a steady week. Pam was home ill for a period of time. She is feeling better now and Jeff is happy to have her back to spend time with him. The hospital staff comments on how lucky Jeff is to have various multiple family members with him thoughout the day, every day. No doubt we are the lucky ones! Thanks once again for checking in on Jeff.

Update: Friday, March 25, @ 6:45 am


Al Jr. and I had dinner with Jeff tonight. He feeds himself now. As I mentioned before, he loves his food. He is now off of the tube feedings because he is eating so well. I think he has gained about 4 lbs. At this stage in his recovery, Jeff is fairing very well. He is getting some strength back. He can also get agitated, which we try to minimize. We have also discovered that Jeff favors his female "sitters" vs. the guys. Knowing he is not on the top of Jeff's list, his sweet sitter Ben says, "That Jeff is a ladies man."  Who knew?! Thanks for checking in on Jeff. Your prayers and thoughts are so appreciated.

The world lost a wonderful woman. Bonnie Cornell lost her battle with cancer last week. To those that new her, she was a very sweet and kind woman. To know her was to love her. Glen and Bonnie were married last week where a small group of friends and family witnessed the marriage. Jeff attended the wedding as Bonnie was in the same hospital. Glen organized a wonderful memorial that was held Saturday at the Elks in Nampa. Over 250 friends and family showed up to honor Her life. She is going to be really missed.




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