Jeff Russell

June 14 Madera

Tough weekend in Madera


O/F Racing had it's first strike of bad luck this weekend.

Jeff qualified 2nd quick with the car sputtering all the way through the front and back shoots.

We still manage to qualify just slightly slower than Troy.

We felt if the car would have been running right, we would have no doubt been quick time.

Jeff won his heat race from the back of the pack.

Jeff started the main next to Troy on the inside after a full invert.

The car worked awesome. After 10 laps, Jeff was leading the race, and was looking like he was going to run away from the pack.

A caution came out on lap 24.

There were around 15 to 20 caution laps before the restart.

The lapped car between Jeff and Troy pulled to the infield.

After the yellow flag, it seemed the car had lost something.

Troy was able to get by Jeff on the inside of turn 2, and Jeff turned down under Troy in the same corner to drag race Troy to turn 3.

Jeff almost got the lead position back, but the car just wasn't launching off the corner as it had been earlier.

About lap 34 the car dropped on the right side and sparks flew.

The car turn hard to the wall and bounced all the way down the turn 3 wall.

Thankfully Jeff was not hurt.

We really weren't sure what had happened.

Three of the shocks were destroyed, along with about every radius rod on the car.

We are still assessing the damage.

We are pretty confident, that we will be at Twin Falls and Salt Lake next month.

Jeff is still leading the points race and we hope to expand on that lead next month.


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