Las Vegas Continued II

Update: Friday, Nov 26th @ 4:45 pm


The pressure on Jeff's left eye has reduced, which is great news. However, his eye is still very swollen. The doctors are watching the progress closely. Jeff sat up in his chair both yesterday and today. This seems to wear on him a bit, so he was resting today (not a lot of responsive movement). Mom and Pam want thank Chaplain Joe Freiburger and his wife for bringing them a delicious Thanksgiving dinner yesterday afternoon. It was so appreciated. Thanks so much for checking on Jeff today.


Update: Saturday, Nov 27 @ 3:40 pm

Jeff is having a good, stable and restful day today. His eye pressure seems to be holding steady. The eye swelling may take a while to go down. Again, the doctors are happy with his progress. One doctor told Mom today, "This guy is here for a reason." There is no doubt about that one! To address a question from the 'get well' site - Jeff is still in a coma. He has a lot of healing to do and it is probably best done in this state. The nurses sit him up in a special chair in order to change his body position and to promote circulation. He is responsive, at times. by squeezing his hand or moving his legs upon request. Some think it may just be a random reaction and not a response to the person who is with him at the time. I choose to believe he is responding and knows who is with him.


Update: Sunday, Nov 28, 7:30pm

Good news today, as the swelling in Jeff's left eye is reducing. We are so happy to see this - finally. He opened his right eye quite a bit today, as well. He was also moving his left arm. Given all of that, he is resting well this afternoon. A little progress everyday. We are so thankful for that. And we thank you so much for your prayers and positive thoughts on Thanksgiving and every day. It means so much to us . . . and to Jeff!


Update: Tuesday, Nov 30, 7:30 am

He hit another milestone today. Jeff was safely transported by air ambulance from Las Vegas to Boise. He is home! Actually, he is at a special care facility. For now, as I am sure you can understand, we are only allowing family visits. Jeff needs to adjust to this travel and environmental change. We are hopeful that being home will even further his great healing progress. He is resting well tonight. We want to offer deep and sincere appreciation to the doctors, nurses, staff and University Medical Center in Las Vegas. Simply put, they performed both complex and routine procedures that kept Jeff alive. We will be forever grateful! Many of those doctors, nurses and staff have requested to be updated on Jeff’s progress – letters, pictures, etc. It seems that they became quite attached to our guy. Tonight Pam is reunited with their dog, Emma, after being away for one month. Sleep well in your own bed tonight, Pam. Mom and Bob drove back today and are safely home. Mercedes will sure be happy to have her Grandma back. Although this is such special day, Jeff still needs your prayers, positive thoughts and get well wishes. Thank you for checking on him today. Welcome home Jeff!


Update: Wednesday, Dec 1 @ 6:15 pm


Jeff looks very good and is resting well today. The doctors have instructed that it necessary for Jeff to rest and heal now. Again, I must stress that only family members are allowed to visit Jeff for the near term. And even our visits must be limited. It seems that this is a important time for healing to take place. We hope that the injuries heal quickly, so that he may wake up soon. In addition to thinking of and praying for Jeff, could you also put Pam in your thoughts tomorrow. Pam and Jeff were married on December 2, 2006.

Update: Friday, December 3 @ 5:15pm

Jeff is doing very well today. He is resting and healing. We feel very good about his progress. The family was able to meet with doctors and staff today to discuss the process and expectations. As you can imagine, Jeff's recovery will be a long process. The doctor mentioned to us that at this stage, we will see signs of improvement/progress every 3-7 days. Given this direction, we will be posting updates at the end of each week to keep you all informed. But please know that your well wishes are very important now. The family checks in daily and is supported by your comments. Please keep your prayers, healing thoughts, written comments coming, as they are so very appreciated. Thanks so much for thinking of Jeff today!


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