Jeff Russell

Madera Aug 9th

Jeff takes a 4th place finish, but maintains his points lead


Well, we had another difficult weekend.

Jeff had sent the shocks back to Indiana to be rebuilt after finding that they had been all set wrong.

Due to the wreck when the radius rod mount broke.


We thought they had set them to our normal settings, but after our first practice, we realized they hadn't got them right, if anything, they made it worse.

Jeff drove what he had. He still did pretty well after being spun and going to the back of the pack.

Jeff was really on the move from the start.

It looked as though he still might make it to the front, but contact was made between Whittey Jensen, and Jeff, sending Jeff across the infield.

Totally reminisent of last race when Brian Warf broke a motor and spun.

We have sent the shocks back yet again, hoping that the shocks will be set to the original settings that worked so well for us.

We will see September 20th.

Hope to see you there.

Congrats to Brian Warf and team on there first win of the season! Good job guys!!


Tom, Moyn, Dave, and Pat


Troy, Rhonda, and Troy's dad




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