Twin, Salt Lake

Jeff Wins in Twin Falls and Places 2nd in Salt Lake

O/F Racing had another good weekend.

Twin Falls had 3 qualifiers with times so close it was unbelievable.

Brian Warf with a fast time of 12.24 Jeff with a 12.25 and Troy with a 12.26.

Jeff was really wanting the track record.

He believes he would have gotten it too, but the car was missing again on the top end.


Jeff and his personal trophy girl..

We found the problem in Salt Lake.

We replaced the plugs, and found a wire that hadn't completly snapped on the plug.

Jeff won his heat race.

The main event had a casualty before the main even got started.

The tow truck driver was pushing Lonnie Adamson off and ran completly over the car. Lonnie said the car was loading up like they do when you don't push them off fast enough.

He was driving the Belfior number 8 car. It was a really ruff weekend for the number 8 team.

They drove up from Las Vegas to help support the SMRA and this was the thanks they received. Lonnie was running good too.

Special thanks goes out to Belfior for his support!

Jeff started the main event in the back on the outside. He made a good move early on and within just a few laps was closing in on the lead car.

Birges was running pretty good.

Troy got by Jeff and spun Birges sending both Troy and Birges to the back.

Seemed pretty fitting to win one this way after the loss in Madera last year do to a spin on Jeff in the last two laps of the race.


Glen and Birges


Mike Jensen


Pam Russell


Biggie, Troy and Kenny

Salt Lake was a different story.

The car had a really noticable miss and we thought it was a fuel issue.

Wayne checked all the fuel settings, but nothing seemed to help. Jeff decided to replace the plugs and found the problem.

The car was running good, but it appears we missed the setup. The car was sprung to tight.

Jeff bounced all around the corners. He did great for having an ill handling car.

He said his ribs were really sore after the race.

He took a 2nd place.

After fighting the setup and the motor all day, we felt we did pretty good.

Troy said he had the best car he's ever had. Troy is always going to be tough at Salt Lake, but Jeff is learning the track, and made huge leaps on mastering the oval.

Our next race is July 19th in Madera.


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